Organic Kitchen Gardening

Grow your own Safe Food
Abolish the Hospital bills
Restore Nature in the Backyard
Discover the journey of plants from Pot to Platter
Eat fresh and Healthy
Nurture your body, mind & soul with Living Food


A garden requires patient labour and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy our ambitions. They thrive because someone had nurtured them will love and compassion. If we make such connection with the Plants, they will take care of us and cure us. They will make right diagnosis and will prepare the customized remedy for the gardener by blending the Energies from the Universe and the Earth.

The Garden, thus, becomes your playground, your painting, your pharmacy, your provider and what not!

Our Initiatives

Through Kitchen gardens, we are connecting with the non-farming community - urban folks, women, youngsters & students; who would have otherwise been alienated from the entire organic movement.

Kitchen Gardening Workshops

We conduct regular workshops on setting-up organic kitchen gardens in villages, educational institutes and urban areas. Our workshops answer:
Why to grow?
What to grow?
When to grow?
Where to grow?
How to grow?

Design your Garden

Under the flagship of our movement – Be Kudrati, we provide technical assistance and expertise to start Organic Kitchen Gardens in varied setups, ranging from urban household to educational institutions.

Put your skates on and get a Garden designed for yourself!

Project Kitchen Garden

With the support of Association for India's Development (AID), we started the ‘Women Action for Organic Farming and Rural Livelihood’ in 2011. Under this umbrella, we are training rural women to establish Organic Kitchen Gardens (inclusive of vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants and mushroom cultivation) in their backyards. Started from 4 villages in 2011, it has now spread across 60 villages with 6,000 women involved.

Click here to know more about our initiative.

Kitchen Garden for Students

Under the guidance of KVM, various educational institutions have set up Kitchen Gardens to involve students. Our experts pay their regular visits to interact with students and give their technical advice for the Kitchen Gardens.