Kheti Virasat Mission

A Movement, Born out of Compassion. With Concern about agro-ecological & environmental health crisis and Committed to take on the challenge of Ecological Reconstruction of Punjab

For the last thirteen years, farmers, different community groups and individuals associated with the Kheti Virasat Mission (KVM) have been engaging with and furthering the cause of natural farming in the northern state of Punjab in India. As the largest recipient of Green Revolution in the country, the state of Punjab is today witnessing its biggest food, farm, health, ecological and civilizational crisis than ever before. This is ironic for a state known as the land of five rivers and one where life was synonymous with prosperity and abundance.

Even though Punjab holds only 2.5% area of agricultural land in the country it consumes 18% pesticides used in the country. The people of the state are facing multiple environmental toxicity of pesticides and other agro-chemicals, heavy metals and environmental pollution caused by ecologically unsustainable agricultural practices. The water sources are either polluted or destroyed or dried-up.

KVM feels that there is an urgent need to pro-actively work towards restoring faith in Punjab's traditional farming system through a reconnect with nature and natural systems. At the same time there is a crucial requirement to work actively towards a consistent engagement with a policy discourse where Punjab's model and its impacts needs to be exposed and learnt from. Central to KVM's work is also to bring back women in the decision making sphere, a heritage that current day Punjab has lost out on.

Four R's Approach

In order to work towards its goal, KVM has adopted an approach to its activities known as Four 'R's

(a) Restore a network of farmers, scientists, consumers, media on reclaiming Punjab's agriculture from the hands of hybridization and modern agriculture biotechnology

(b) Revive most creative and spiritual practices like Nanak Kheti, Guru Nanak's teachings and showcase that it can work in today's fast growing times too.

(c) Recreate an ownership and connection with traditional foods (Bebe Di Rasoi)-what we demand to eat, will grow in our fields.

(d) Resurrect a non-commodified, biodiversity agenda which is long forgotten in Punjab's farming policy and political frame.

How you can contribute?

KVM is a large network of people from all walks of life who have come together to work for a better Punjab. The organization relies substantially on support and donations from all concerned about Punjab, its land, river, air and people.

We therefore request you to contribute by:

  1. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Donations: Become a donor by sending in your contributions at the frequency that would suit you: You can send a regular monetary support on monthly basis.
  2. Adopt a Village: You can adopt a village or cluster of three villages and help us in spreading message of Sustainable Organic Farming.
  3. Sponsor an Organic Farmer: KVM needs support to utilize expertise of master organic farmers as resource persons to educate farmers all over the state. It will also help those farmers who are doing different experiments of natural farming in their fields without any personal interests.
  4. Sponsor any campaign or activity: You can sponsor any of KVM's campaigns on the following themes:
    • Awareness and Action Against Genetic Modification of agriculture
    • Awareness and Action Against pesticides use in Agriculture
    • Water Literacy & Conservation Campaign
    • Women action for Ecology, Agriculture and Food
    • Establishing Model Ecological Agricultural Farms in Punjab
    • Fight Action against Cancer and Reproductive Health Crisis
    • Awareness and Action Against Crop Residue Burning
    • Awareness and Community Efforts for Preservation of Seeds and Biodiversity
  5. Sponsor and Support Festivals, Meetings, Public Dialogues: You can also support us by sponsoring festivals like Bebe-Di-Rasoi and Nav-Trinjan or issue specific seminars and public dialogues
  6. Sponsor KVM's monthly magazine and publications: You can also support us by sponsoring our monthly magazine “Kudrati Kheti”. This is a monthly newsletter published by KVM. This is a strong information, education and communication medium. Your support is welcome both in terms of finances or your time to help design, build content, edit and disseminate this newsletter, including through the internet. You can also support communication and general awareness material published by KVM from time to time.
  7. You can also sponsor the work of any of the volunteers who are working with KVM. Your donation can provide a regular financial support to these volunteers.

For the KVM movement, support of this kind is extremely valuable. We know that you will come forward not just with your financial support but with your dedication, concern, compassion and energy which is crucial to the spirit of KVM.

Become a donor

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Donations made to Kheti Virasat Mission within India are exempted from Income Tax under 80-G wide number CIT/BTI/ITO(T)51-80G/2013-24/64

You can also send your Cheque/Demand Draft payable to:

Kheti Virasat Mission Trust
STATE BANK OF INDIA (Bishnandi Bazar)
Account No.: 30325986397
Branch: Jaitu
IFSC Code: SBIN0007745

For us any small or big amount is welcome. So anything from Rs.500-1000 to any other upper limit which you may desire. For further details please contact: [email protected] or call: (91) 1635-231415