Students from The School, Chennai at Bhotna

Students from Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Educational Exposure Visits for Organic Farming

KVM also offers exclusive exposure visits and enlightening trips to students from educational institutes. For non-students individuals who want to experience joy of working in Natural fields, they can have Short Stay Experience with Natural Farmers and learn practical information about organic farming.

Students from educational institutions and people with ecological perspective from civil society clubs and organization can have exposure visits and educational trips in various Organic / Natural farms of farmers associated with KVM. This will give first hand personal experience to know genuine issues of natural farming and an opportunity to learn organic farming in natural and organic farms which are authentic Open learning schools in real terms. These farms-cum-open schools will provide prospect to understand organic farming techniques, the farmers’ science behind these technologies, different methods to renovate ecology and farm-ecosystem, time-honored wisdom of farmers and traditional food heritage.

Non-students can have different kind of learning openings in form of short stay-in with farmers. These Ecological-learners will work as farm assistants in the fields and shall work along with farmer. Thus they will experience the pleasure of being one with nature and growing safe food. Moreover, this will be a chance to become part of the intricate web of nature and to feel compassion for ones’ ecological surroundings.