Organic Farming


Since its inception, KVM is working closely with farmers to propagate natural farming practices. Breaking the avaricious approach in the farming, that came into existence with Green Revolution, was always an uphill battle. Sailing through all odds, preaching techniques was never our goal. We bonded with farmers as a family and worked with them as a companion. We are working on Fukuoka's principle- 'The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.'

In order to educate, sensitize and train farmers in organic farming, we organise regular Workshops, Seminars, Public dialogues, Farm visits and Participatory Resource Appraisals. Our team of experts, from all over the country, is always ready to help and guide our farmers.

Our Initiatives

Training Programmes

KVM organizes regular workshops and trainings. Supported by donation, these trainings are free for farmers. The subjects include:

  • Various organic practises like cow-based farming, permaculture, Amrut Krishi, no-till farming, forest-farming and the like
  • Integrated farming models
  • Inter-cropping and mixed farming
  • Millets based farming
  • Indigenous Seed Conservation
  • Pest Management
  • Crop residue Management
  • Kitchen Gardening
  • Food processing
  • Storage and Marketing
  • Public Guarantee Scheme (PGS) certification

Awareness meetings

To connect with masses, we have organized over 3000 meetings so far, covering almost every district of Punjab. These meetings are particularly held to make people aware of the ‘Crisis of Civilization’ (Harmful effects of pesticides, lack of nutrition in diet, destruction of the environment etc.)  which has devastated the state.

Seminars & Expert Talks

These are our topic specific meetings where we host subject matter experts from across the country. We cover rural as well as urban audiences. The topics range from holistic health to crop residue management. We have conducted over 500 such seminars to date. We also have a dedicated Environment Health Action group, comprising of medical and environmental health professionals. We have conducted over 50 such talks under the umbrella of this group.

Model Farm schools

This is a novel, one of a kind concept, where hands-on training is given to the interested farmers who wish to adopt organic farming. Over 100 of these ‘Schools’ are established across the state. The trainings happen on the field of the master trainer.

Collaboration with other Organisations

KVM works in collaboration with various organisations in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and Rajasthan. We offer guidance, trainings, field visits and expert advice as and when required. We also provide support to various national and international organisations to conduct surveys, connect with localities, collect data and implement their projects on ground level.

Internship for Students

We organise internships and training programmes in Organic farming, Kitchen Gardening, Urban Farming and Marketing exclusively designed for students.

Exposure to Farmers

We provide opportunities to our organic farmers to expand their horizons and connect with rest of the nation by organising exposure visits for them across the country and encouraging them to participate in national-level conferences, workshops and other events.

Meet our Farmers

In late 90s, when the concept of Organic Farming was first introduced in Punjab by a small team of KVM, led by Shri Umendra Dutt, there was not even a speck of agricultural land free from poisons. The idea which was then alien to the farmers and thus rejected, is now in vogue in the state. But this was achieved with a great deal of patience, perseverance and determination. KVM sowed the seeds, nurtured and multiplied them with care and compassion and, therefore, today we have a wide network of farmers practising natural farming across Punjab, under the guidance of KVM.

Initially taking baby steps, we have evolved with our farmers; and now, together with them, we are taking quantum leaps.

We are honoured to share the Stories of Evolution of our farmers. These are the milestones in the journey of Kheti Virasat Mission as an ever-expanding family.

Get Involved

Participate in the Upcoming Events, trainings and workshops.

Initiate seminars, meetings, awareness campaigns & farmers’ talks with KVM in your area.

Volunteer in various Activities

Learn hands-on under the guidance of Master Trainers on their ‘Model Farm Schools'.

Donate to help us support our organic farmers; facilitate regular trainings; develop model farms; conduct surveys for maintaining data base and more.