Maya Sikand from Brown University, America

Students from Lady Shri Ram College for Women

National & International Internships in Organic Farming and Environmental Activism

For students from India and other countries who want to explore social action for ecology, natural farming and various issues related to environmental activism, KVM offers internships for short and long duration.

KVM offers internships in different ecological interventions and organic farming to the students from India and abroad with its selected Guru Organic Farmers at different locations in Punjab. KVM welcomes students with high motivation and concern for ecology, to join as an internee to practice natural farming as trainees working with Organic Farmers and to learn organic farming. KVM will provide proper guidance, exposure and scope projects with organic farmers and ecological campaigners. Our hope is that these interns will adopt organic farming as part of their world view and mission to serve humanity.

KVM has the largest network of organic / natural farmers in Punjab. These farmers are great scientists indeed. They are soil scientists, entomologist, biologists, and ecologists, seed keepers - plant breeders and persons saturated with traditional wisdom and compassion for nature at one time. Internees will get personalized supervision from these farmers.

Interns will get a wide range exposure of different variants of natural / organic farming technologies and its different social dimension. These interns will allocate different tasks and venture in organic farms with an expectation that they will do assigned work with high integrity and sincerity. They may work alone or in a team of interns or volunteers, or side-by-side with community members. They can share and exchange information and their experiences about natural farming, needs and benefits of natural farming, health risks of over-usage of chemical fertilizers and insecticide sprays.

Experiences of Our Internees