Design your garden

‘In every gardener is a child, who loves to play in the dirt. In every child is the gardener, ready to grow.’

To nurture them both, KVM is promoting 'Garden for Anyone Anywhere'. Be it a small patch in your backyard, some pots on the window sill or children’s playground, our team will help you to apply a bit of the creativity and innovation to grow food.

Choose Your Garden

We offer complete consultancy for setting up and maintaining a garden. We provide you a holistic model inclusive of Organic Food, Edible Landscapes, Water Conservation, Composting, Waste Management, Soil Preparation, Pest Management, Seed Conservation and much more.

Choose a garden that suits you the most. And, we will grow it Together.

Backyard Garden

If you are planning to convert the land in your backyard into a garden, we will help you design it. Grow a beautiful canvas of trees, herbs, flowers and vegetables; and invite birds, insects, butterflies and bees all throughout the year. The garden will be a thing of beauty and a joy for dinner.

Rooftop Garden

The unused roof space can be utilised to grow enough food to sustain a family. Plants can be grown either by building a green roof or using containers.

We will help you plan a rooftop farm keeping into account all the technical details like building structure, sunlight, water, drainage, wind direction etc.

Vertical Garden

If not green roofs, then how about green walls! Vertical garden is the most in-thing these days. Living walls reduce the temperature of the building, filter the air and adds-on to the aesthetics of the house. Paint your walls green with us.

Windowsills and Balcony Garden

Even if there is no room to make an elaborated garden, you can still grow food. In typical urban set-ups, we offer the gardeners to grow microgreens, herbs and vegetables in hanging baskets, containers and on trellises by selecting the suitable candidates that require less space.

Community Garden

A piece of land shared by people in a locality can be developed into a community garden where the space, resources, labour and the produce are shared. Beside being a place for recreational activities, such gardens can become the hubs for social interaction. The culture of Giving, Sharing, Togetherness, Brotherhood and Harmony which is rare to be found, can be re-established in the communities.

School Garden

With their hands in the dirt, heads in the sun and hearts in the nature, children should emerge as a young gardeners. Allowing them to understand and appreciate how the food is grown, is their initiation into sustainable and natural living. We work with educational institutions to grow food on terraces, sidewalks and grounds with active involvement of students.

Let’s Begin

Growing the garden will include two dimensions:

  • Designing and setting-up the garden : The experts will help you design a customized garden with most compatible resources, irrigation techniques, planting materials and plant diversity; taking into account all the geographical and topographical factors.
  • Training the gardener : The gardener will be trained in soil preparation composting, bio fertilizers, pest management, waste management, seed conservation etc. This shall happen either through one on one teachings or attending KVM's Organic Kitchen Gardening workshops at your nearest locale.

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  • Currently, we are providing our services in Punjab and Chandigarh
  • Our experts will pay visits to the garden as and when required
  • Our approach is flexible and varies as per the location, size and design of the garden
  • The terms will be laid in accordance to the specific requirements of individuals