About Us

Our mission

The mission of KVM, forged by the pain and agony caused by the Green Revolution, is founded by conviction and commitment for voluntary work. The formation of KVM has evolved as a result of constant efforts and dedication to re-vitalize our society; to make our motherland prosper with imperishable abundance and sustainable life systems. KVM is obligated to the future generations of Punjab to protect its ecology. We are a civil-society movement with a deep compassion for Nature as a Whole; our concerns include ecological sustainability & environmental health, and the safe food and livelihoods nature can provide especially for those who are socially and economically marginalized.

Our Vision

While the Green Revolution has brought economic prosperity on one hand, it has had seriouslydestructive effects upon the ecology of Punjab and the health of its people on the other.This Grain Machine has started to rust and the repercussions have started to show like scars on the landscape of this Land of Five Rivers. It is the Vision of Kheti Virasat Mission to apply organic farming as the appropriate remedy. It is the need of the hour to motivate the farmers of Punjab to gradually switch over to organic farming practices to save the ecology of Punjab and the health of its people. The situation is alarming and the signs are ominous. We seem to be quite close to a stage which can rightly be called "agriculture chaos". The time to act is now. Given the present circumstances, organic farming practices and sustainable technologies-- those that are in-tune with nature and its ecosystems--are perhaps the only alternatives which will help the people of Punjab to emerge from this agricultural, ecological, economic and civilizational crisis.

Work at grassroot level

Kheti Virasat Mission is committed to protecting farmers’ right to land, income security, good livelihood & agriculture sovereignty as well as protecting consumers’ right to safe and healthy food. KVM recognizes that in order to achieve these goals, we must put the health of the ecosystem . KVM is working at the grassroots with decentralized participatory methods covering the vast arenas of sustainable agriculture, conservation of ecology and natural resources, environmental health, cultural aspect of ecology and other issues related to globalization, livelihood, environmental and social justice. By involving the very first stakeholders-- the farmers, especially the most marginalized-- KVM had undertaken various activities to enhance their capacities, enabling them to undertake the endeavor of sustainable development and sustainable use of natural resources. KVM has a dream to make farmers, especially the small and marginal farmers, debt-free and living within a non-exploitative system; self-reliant while nurturing their genetic resources and conserving their knowledge system.