About Us

Who we are

We are the pioneers of the ‘Organic Movement' in Punjab, the state ruined by Green Revolution. Based at Jaitu, district Faridkot, our mission came into existence in late 90s as a thought process and in 2005 as a registered charitable trust. To revive the lost glory and serenity of Punjab, we initially focused on the farming community, for it is the backbone of the state. We started ‘Mission Natural Farming’; keeping in mind the need to work on three essentials- Health, Environment and Safe food. But, shortly afterwards, we realized that Punjab is a dying civilization and thus we are facing a ‘Crisis of Civilization’. Thus, expanding our horizons, we adopted a holistic approach inclusive of physical, mental & spiritual health, forests, seed conservation, women empowerment, community culture, livelihood, ecology and resource management.

We are bridging the gap between various stakeholders- farmers, consumers, experts, academicians, youngsters, women and commoners; providing them with a platform to interact, discuss, guide and serve each other.

Our Vision

We shall co-create and reconnect with the pristine origins of Punjab. Our Land shall, once again, rejoice the prosperity consciousness and the culture of giving amongst naturally thriving sacred forests and indigenous farming practices.

Our Mission

We are focused to revive and conserve natural farming practices, traditional and healthy food, organic clothing, traditional handicrafts, vernacular architecture and edible food forests in Punjab. We aim to save the precious seeds of wisdom and knowledge so that we can pass them on to the generations to come.