Kudrati Aahar Parivar

Collaborative Initiative of Organic Farmers

Kudrati Aahar Parivar is a collaborative initiative of organic farmers associated with Kheti Virasat Mission and Nature-loving and Health conscious Consumers from all over Punjab ​. Consumers are not mere costumers here, we regard them as environmental activists and supporters of Organic Farming movement. These consumers are partners in a collective effort to bringing Punjab out of ecological crisis. They are performing their environmental duties to protect Nature and Food and to Make this Earth livable for our future generations.

Commitment of Quality

Kudrati Aahar Parivar understands that as the quality of the crops grown by natural farmers, and the products prepared from them is not an accident, but the degree of excellence or superiority, is a combination of attributes of growing techniques, properties of such foods, or characteristics that give each commodity value in terms of its intended use with respect to the Size, Shape, Color, Gloss, Sweetness, Sourness [Acidity], Astringency, Bitterness, Aroma, Firmness, Crispiness, Juiciness, Mealiness, Toughness as well as Off-flavourness, Defects and decay beside the Nutritional factors as Vitamins (C,A,B, Thiamine, Niacin), Minerals, Dietary Fiber, Fat, Oil, Carotenoids, Flavonoids, Sterols and Antioxidants. This also involves the manufacturing processes.

  • All products are grown organically/naturally without any chemicals and poisonous pesticides
  • Not only are they grown without any chemicals, but processing and storage is also done without any chemicals
  • They are sourced and packed with great care and expertise of KVM, ensuring the products are not only organic, but all other facets of ecology and lifestyles are addressed
  • The farmers behind each of these products are sticklers to organic principles and have the nature, health and ecology in mind
  • The farmers are paid fair price to compensate the cost of production fairly and to enable good livelihood.
  • All these products come with a high social responsibility and health factor
  • Promoting healthy, sustainable and ecofriendly activities - both on the producer side and the consumer side..
  • Bringing back the community participation in buying. They organize organic bazars where the farmers and consumers are brought together in a lively and chemical free atmosphere every week
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